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Providing young musicians the resources to achieve the highest level of personal, musical and academic excellence is one of our goals.

As a music major at Meredith, you’ll develop your creativity through performance, composition, and improvisation.

Want to Start a Chapter?

If you want to start a chapter at your school, please feel free to use the resources linked below.


Feel fee to connect with our College & University R&R Coordinator, Alison Thorp or Student Activities R&R Chair, Eric Johnson

Getting Started with a New Student Chapter

  • Discuss interest in starting an ACDA student chapter with a choral conductor. Identify a faculty advisor.

  • Review goals of the choral program and assess the advantages of forming an ACDA student chapter.

  • Encourage students to join ACDA. Membership forms may be found on the ACDA website ( Send membership forms and dues directly to the National Office in Oklahoma. Touch base with your ACDA State President to see if there are any student initiatives.

  • Complete the constitution (sample may be found on the website under “YSA Sample Constitution”) to fit your own special needs and obtain the approval of college officials to become a recognized student organization on your campus.

  • Send completed constitution and application for student chapter status to the National ACDA R&S Chair for Youth and Student Activities. Application documents found on web page.

  • Receive confirmation via return mail from the ACDA National Office of official status as an ACDA student chapter.

  • Send your annual report to the National ACDA R&S Chair for Youth and Student Activities by May 15 each year (you will be notified regarding forms in early April).

Student Chapter Frequently Asked Questions

Q: “What is an ACDA Student Chapter?”

A: Student chapters have been established for colleges and universities by the American Choral Directors Association to provide opportunities for future choral directors to be directly involved with their professional choral organization while in college. The National Chair of Youth and Student Activities recognize them as members of the Repertoire & Standards Committee of ACDA, and they receive guidance and encouragement from the Division and State Chairs of Y&SA.

Q: “What are some of the benefits of a chapter to a choral program?”

A: It depends on your goals and individual situation. Many feel that a student chapter provides an incentive for students to become more committed to the art of choral conducting at an early age in the important formative years as they prepare to graduate. A chapter provides learning opportunities outside the classroom and beyond the usually limited time available in choral conducting and methods courses. It can also provide useful services to the choral area and music department, and it encourages student leadership and direct experience with “peer-motivated” discovery of the choral art; conducting, repertoire, preparing for a job, etc.

Q: “Does a student ‘join’ an ACDA student chapter?”

A: No. It is not another organization to join, per se! Students join the national organization of the American Choral Directors Association as student members ($35 per year national dues); as members they receive the Choral Journal and the Student Times (ACDA’s student news-journal) and enjoy the benefits of ACDA membership. A student chapter encourages choral students to be more directly involved with the ACDA on campus.

Q: “How much ‘organization’ is involved with a student chapter?”

A: As much or as little as you wish. A successful chapter in one where the students determine how they want to function, guided by their faculty advisor (usually the choral director). The key is how the chapter directly relates to the choral program in providing encouragement and opportunities for the student outside the choral rehearsal and classroom. This is one reason why an ACDA student chapter does not “compete” with other organizations already established in the music program. In a very real sense, it affords benefits no other organization in the department can give. A chapter provides practical experience and promotes confidence in the choral student within the scope of the choral program.

Q: “Are meetings involved and does it take extra time?”

A: “Yes” and “No” to both parts of the question! Some chapters schedule events in connection with scheduled rehearsals (the day after a concert, for instance); some have formal or informal meetings of their own! A review of activities shows that many functions of an ACDA student chapter are integrated with the total planning and function of the choral program such as sponsoring a high school choral festival; assist director in recruitment, choral events, and planning choir tours; and organize small ensembles to perform for community/campus groups. Unique to each student chapter are the individual ideas including informal “forums” bringing students and faculty or guest clinicians together; establishment of a choral scholarship fund; student conductor concerts; incentive for students to attend State, Division, and National ACDA Conventions as a group; provide assistance to choral directors in the area and visit rehearsals; critique vocal students in a pre-competition event; host social events, et.


Student Chapter Annual Report

The Student Chapter Annual Report is Due Every Year on May 1

The annual report form is short and sweet!

Once you complete it, submit by email (, fax (405-232-8162), or regular mail (ACDA, 545 Couch Dr, Oklahoma City, OK 73102).

Every student chapter must submit a report every year in order to stay active in ACDA’s records. Active chapters are notified when student-focused opportunities arise, such as scholarships, student events, and so on.

Existing Student Chapters Search

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If your chapter has lapsed for some reason, please feel free to reactivate your chapter by using the following form.

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ACDA’s Choral Journal Student Chapter Updates

ACDA’s Choral Journal regularly includes Student Chapter Updates.

  • Email news updates and photos to Allen Botick, Website Liasion at the NC State Chapter.


  • Email news updates and photos to Sundra Flansburg, Director of Membership & Communications at the National Office.


Updates should be 250 words or fewer and include the name and email address for the person we should contact if there are questions on the information. Also include the name of your college or university, and the state in which you are located. Preference is given to submissions that are interesting, creative, and relevant to other student chapters and the wider ACDA membership.

Youth and Student Activities

Please contact :

Dr. Amanda Quist, National Chair, Youth and Student Activities.


Eric Johnson, North Carolina Chair, Youth and Student Activities

Email or mail forms to Membership Coordinator (American Choral Directors Association, 545 Couch Dr., Oklahoma City, OK 73102-2207).

Creating a Successful Student Chapter

Successful collegiate ACDA chapters:

  • Encourage and stimulate student membership and involvement in ACDA at the state, division, and national levels.

  • Promote and recognize the involvement of ACDA student chapters on college campuses.

  • Sponsor activities and sessions at the local level that engage the training and experience of student choral musicians.

  • Encourage student attendance and involvement at ACDA division and national conferences through scholarship projects.

ACDA student activities include:

  • Student symposia and workshops

  • Conducting master classes

  • Reading sessions

Sponsorship of activities and sessions at ACDA conferences that directly relate to the training and experience of student choral musicians.

Creating a Student Chapter Constitution

Click here for a sample of the Student Consitution!