Choral Repertoire and Resources

Bethany Jennings, Chair

Youth Choirs

Coordinator: Bethany Jennings

Children’s and Community Youth Chair: Dena Byers

Junior High/Middle School Choirs Chair: Amy Davis

Senior High School Choirs Chair: Ashton Humphrey

Collegiate Choirs

Coordinator: Allison Thorp

College & University Choirs Chair: Joshua Cheney

Student Activities Chair, Eric Johnson

Lifelong Choirs

Coordinator: Cory Davis

Community Choirs Chair: Laura Sam

Music in Worship Chair: Adam Ward

Repertoire Specific

Coordinator: Emily Turner

Show Choir Chair: Heidi Hickox-Gordon

World Musics and Cultures Chair: Gerald Knight

TTBB Choirs Chair: Meg Stohlmann

Vocal Jazz/Acapella Chair: Robert Summerell

SSAA Choirs Chair: Emily Turner