Standing Committees

Bethany Jennings, NC Choral Repertoire & Resources Chair

Justin Smith, Grants and Scholarships Chair

Jose Rivera, Conference Planning Committee Chair

Carol Earnhardt, Advocacy, Accessibility, and Collaboration Chair

Pat Hall, Membership Chair

Aaron Brown, and Nana Wolfe-Hill, Diversity Initiatives Co-Chairs

Anne Saxon, and Marshall Butler, Awards Co-Chairs

Michael Martin and Meg Stohlmann, Collegiate Honor Choir Co-Chairs

Chelsea Huber, Communications Chair

Carl Ashley, Carolina Caroler (Conference Edition)

Allen Botwick, Website Liaison

Chelsea Huber, Social Media

Event Committee Chairs

Dena Byers, NC Sings 2022! Event Chair

Catie Hitzigrath, Middle-Fest 2022 Chair

Anne Saxon, Fall Luncheon Chair