Friday Evening Concert

Premier of the

NC Collegiate Festival Chorus


Jason Max Ferdinand Singers

About The Jason Max Ferdinand Singers

The “Jason Max Ferdinand Singers” is a project that I have thought about since 2001. I had the sound of the ensemble in my head, and had plans to make a debut the summer of 2020, but COVID19 forced a hiatus. In January of 2021, a creative opportunity was asked of me, and after some hesitation and contemplation, I decided to take a dive into the deep, feeling I would be a dupe not to heed the signs!

Then, January 6, 2021 happened; what a day in the history of America. A bevy of emotions were surging through my being; however, optimism was leading the way. I felt strongly, “we will get through this,” and one thing I was very sure about…this newly formed ensemble would have a voice in speaking to some of these societal deformities. I felt determined to not be a bystander and to let my creative voice be heard!

Admittedly, I was excited and a tad nervous. It would take some doing and we would have to put forth a great deal of effort. I was awake late into the night wondering about this and that, when a calm came over me and my thoughts pointed to, “things will all work out.” Excitement was ramping up as “Live from London” started promoting the festival, the singers were committed and rehearsals were moving forward, and our repertoire was absolutely “on fire!” I knew this was our moment.

The “Jason Max Ferdinand Singers” has been birthed and the ensemble will now begin its unifying journey. It is with gratitude and humility that I bring to you these talented singers who breathe life into the works of outstanding composers, as we all move forward in our lives and times.